Perfection is no small thing, but is made of small things.
Michelangelo Buonarroti
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Glass is an inorganic material, hard and brittle, which has no crystalline structure that is transparent or translucent. Is obtained from the fusion of silica sand with soda ash and limestone and is molded at high temperatures.

The glass was used for about six thousand years ago when the Egyptians developed techniques for making glass, but the Romans were the first to perfect the methods of blowing up form pieces large enough to fit in a window .
In the Middle Ages the windows with illustrations of biblical passages used to indoctrinate the population, mostly illiterate, the teachings of the Bible. It is in the nineteenth century when they went from being a purely religious part of the decoration of private buildings. Louis Comfort Tiffany made ??a groundbreaking technique, distanced himself from the old traditions of hand-painted, creating a shimmering glass (like marble), based on the mixture of different oxides in the process of glass and heavy structures lead used to attach the glass, creating a new technique based on wrapping the thin glass sheets of copper to solder into delicate shapes.

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